Marine & Industrial Electrical Repair & service


At SME Electrical Department, we provide Services covering all aspects of repair, re-conditioning & Maintenance of Marine, land based relations, customs design including line diagrams. The SME calibration facility is available using master instrument and procedures in accordance with the international Standards. We offer qualified & skilled teams of Electrical Engineers & skilled Electricians who have long experience in these fields. Whether your requirements are for maintenance, refit service or equipment supply, Marine and Industrial Electrics staff can provide friendly.


Our Expertise

  1. Ladder Rack Installation
  2. Rack Fabrication
  3. Cable Wire Installation
  4. Electrical And Instrumentation Maintenance
  5. Electrical Calibration
  6. Electrical Panel Installation
  7. Electrical Sub Panel Installation
  8. Electrical Wiring Installation
  9. Industrial Electrical Installations And Commissioning
  10. Industrial Electrical Wiring
  11. Industrial Electrical Wiring Design
  12. Compressor Control Panel PLC (Wiring & Designing)
  13. Generator Control Panel AC with Wiring
  14. Generator Engine Safety Protection Control Panel DC (Wiring & Design)
  15. Marine & Industrial Boiler Automation Control Panel Installation (Wiring & Design)
  16. Industrial Control and Automation
  17. Industrial Process Automation Control
  18. Instrumentation And Process Control
  19. Industrial Power Factor Control Panel, Wiring Design, Installation & Repair.
  20. Marine & Industrial VFD AC/DC, 0.12 up to 250 KW single phase/three phase.
  21. Marine & Industrial ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches.
  22. Textile Electrical Wiring Design & Control Panel HT/LT Installations With Diagram
  23. Control panels & Transfer panel Switches Installation & Repair/Replacement.


MV Limestone Elec. main control panel HMI Safety protection device error, install new program.
MV Sem Li engine room main control panel generator # 3 circuit breaker was burned, repaired by SME

MEW’s Shaheen dredger, spud control hydraulic plunger pump repaired by SME.

Container Ship’s Engine room main   auxiliary generator’s connection from circuit breaker were burned.

Automatic load transfer motorized Circuit breaker repaired of UNI industries generator 975KW

MEW Dredger removed hydraulic wench # 3 & install electrical wench of 35ton capacity 1 ladder & 2 anchor wench

Ladder & anchor wench motor speed control VFD control panel manufactured & installed by SME at Shaheen Dredger.